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Medical care management


Euro Assist offers a special program for the participants and provides all the moral comfort to them as well as access to the medical services available by communicating with patients while they are in hospitals or medical centers to provide the best services and avoid any problems and treatment through the following steps:

1- The customer informs us of his request for service through the telephone or e-mail.

2- The company coordinates with hospitals and specialized centers according to the case of each client  and choose the best hospital in terms of location and specialization.

3- After the patient's visit to the doctor, he gives him medical reports, medication and hospitalization  procedures, if necessary. 

4- The company's delegate will follow and assist the hospital situation.

5- Communicating with the patient extends through medical consultations regarding his health status and any enquiries through the company's medical network.

6- The company's delegate will facilitate all the hospital procedures.

7- Continuous measurement of customer satisfaction with the company, hospital, and submission of      proposals for improving the service.  


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